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CT Lottery Winners "Losers"

Instruction: Search on any or all of the fields in the form below, within the CT Lottery Winners "Losers" Searchable Database, and then click "Search" at the bottom each form, and then scroll down to see the results.  Form One, you can search by the person who won the tickets.  Form Two you can search by the store where the winning ticket were purchased.  After you hit "Search" then wait while the data is being downloaded.  It can take few seconds, because this Searchable Database has over 250,000 records.  After the results you can click "Details" to get more information about each winning ticket. This searchable database was created to show the public the dark side of gambling, and to show that small percentage of the people in the state are responsible majority of CT Lottery sales, and they usually happen to be the poor and gambling addicts. Disclosure: Pay close attention to the "winning" tickets "Claim Date" as some might be duplicate.  

Searchable Database from August 1998 to Aug 2013 

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According to CT Lottery Data. The Poor Play More.

My analysis was based on Connecticut lottery winners from 1998 to 2011 that I obtained through the State's Freedom of Information.  I then organized the data by zip code, and crossed with income data from the IRS and number of residents in each ZIP code by using data from the Census Bureau.

The best way to analyze the demographics of the Connecticut lottery players is to look at where the winners are. In Connecticut, lottery players who claim jackpots of $599 or more are required to cash their tickets at the Lottery headquarter or one of the four High-Tier Claim Center, for tax purposes. An analysis I did for more than a quarter-million addresses shows majority of the winners live in lower-income zip codes. Since the odds of winning are constant, this type of analysis provides irrefutable evidence that majority of lottery players are poor.  65% of CT Lottery players earn less than the State's median income.

Top lottery officials told the Hartford Courant "They have never analyzed their own winner data by ZIP code to determine where their customers live.  Instead, they have relied on telephone surveys done by consultant." October 7, 2002 Hartford Courant. The Lottery failed to do analysis of their data, because they don't want the public to know that most of the people who play the lottery are POOR.

Hartford Courant did similar study like this in 2002, and here is the headline back in 2002. "The poor play more, the Connecticut Lottery doesn't want people to know this, but those who play the lottery tend to have lower incomes and less education than the public at large" Hartford Courant.

SOURCE OF DATA: CT Lottery, IRS and U.S. Census Bureau.

Disclosure: This is my personal website. All the content within it is exactly that – personal, and data received from CT Lottery Corporation through Freedom of Information. The views and opinions on this site represent my own and not those of people, institutions or organizations I am affiliated with. My site is not affiliated with, neither does it represent the views or position of my employer(s) their clients, or any of their affiliated companies.
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The main purpose of this website is to educate the public the dark side of gambling, and the fact that not every winning ticket is a winner, and not every winning ticket is a Jackpot. Email:ctlwatch@gmail.com If you have gambling addiction please pick another hobbythat will benefit you, and get help at: www.gamblersanonymous.org
Top Ten Last Name of CT Lottery Gamblers from 1998 to 2013. The Minority and Lottery Agents are CT Lottery's Best Customers.
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According to the Daily News, "Thug who ran poker ring used MMA fighters as debt collectors:". But there is no difference betweenDaily News article and this article. "Debtors' Prison Las Vegas". My gambling debts was to CT Lottery, and I ended up in Debtors' Prison.  Many times I wish my gambling debt was to the mafia, because at least I would have legal options. But when the government is running the numbers through the lottery you have no legal options. Click here to keep reading. Also click here to read another article.

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